RN Valves

Quality at an Attractive Price

  • Standard valves for all air applications
  • Short delivery times
  • Best price-to-performance ratio

High-speed compressors used in the fiercely competitive industrial air segment stand out with their high degree of standardization. The valves are performance-defining components, but are also subjected to the greatest loads, making them the most frequently replaced parts. Performance and quality at attractive prices rank highly in the procurement of replacement parts.

With the RN series, HOERBIGER offers a competitively priced standard valve that is specifically tailored to the needs of the industrial air segment. HOERBIGER RN valves satisfy even the highest quality demands. Like the valve plate made of premium stainless steel, all the remaining vital operating components are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

HOERBIGER RN valves operate reliably without the need for lubrication and are ideally suited for highly demanding applications, such as the production of PET bottles or the supply of respiratory air.

HOERBIGER RN valves are cost-effective and reliable and distinguished by a long service life, including in critical applications. The extremely low installation height and low-loss flow geometry are additional unique selling propositions, allowing their use in particularly compact compressors with high flow rates.

Technical Data

R Valve imperial metric
Valve Diameter (in / mm) 0.4 to 8.4 10 to 240
Maximum Pressure (psi / bar) 580 (for respiratory air: 6,019) 40 (for respiratory air: 415)
Temperature Range (ºF / °C) -58 to 572 -50 to 300
Rotational Speed (rpm) 2,000