Ford Mustang

The top-of-the-line 5-liter V8 underscores the Mustang’s nature.

The wild pony is all grown up

Sinewy, agile, and eager to take on curves, the latest member of a freedom-loving highway herd is making claim to be the leader of the pack. In its essence, it is close in character to the original member of this sports car dynasty, which HOERBIGER has been supplying since its fourth generation.

[ Published in HOERBIGER@MOTION August 2015 ]

Ask an animal lover to name a typically North American horse with a powerful back and rounded rump, and a specific breed readily comes to mind. And if you ask fans of high horsepower to name a legendary fastback – the classical sport coupe with a raked body shape – the answer will be the answer. The response from horse fans and gear heads alike will be none other than Mustang.

Freshly groomed, athletic, and more headstrong than ever, the rear wheels of the iconic sixth-generation Ford have been tearing up the ground, getting ready to stir up the dust in international markets. For the first time Ford is officially setting its racehorse loose outside the USA, in more than 120 countries, focusing particularly on buyers in Asia and Europe.

Tangible benefits

Between the front longitudinally mounted engine and the rear drive wheels, the transmission portions out shifting performance – always in six gears perfectly tuned to the Mustang. Not only automatic transmissions are available for each engine variant; keeping with the taste of European riders, each new steed can be outfitted with a 6MTI500 GJT manual transmission by Getrag (Jiangxi) as standard equipment.

The HOERBIGER Group has contributed to the DNA of this transmission produced in the Nanchang factory in China by supplying complete synchronizers for all gears. These are important cellular modules allowing the gears in the iconic Ford to shift rapidly, precisely, and smoothly. This particularly supports the preferred Mustang galloping mode while providing high torque. HOERBIGER sources individual components for the 6MTI500 synchronizers globally: parts are shipped from Schongau and Oberstenfeld in Germany as well as from Changzhou, located approximately two hours northwest of Shanghai by car.