Apprenticeship – your opportunity!

What’s your HOERBIGER Adventure?

"I take responsibility for my success."

Maurino Filoni is doing an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic with HOERBIGER in Schongau, Germany. Like all the HOERBIGER apprentices in Germany, he started out at the Training Center in Peiting. The 1,500 square meter center is fitted out like a modern industrial firm, with machinery for up to 35 apprentices per training year. Over 350 skilled employees have successfully learned their profession here since 2002.

Early on in the apprenticeship Maurino was learning basic machining processes like how to mill and grind. Soon, though, he had to face bigger challenges like setting up sophisticated programs for CNC machines, and repairing engine parts on his own. During his second and third years of training he worked in production at HOERBIGER, frequently returning to the Training Center to prepare for exams and attend special education programs.

Maurino is proud of having mastered all these tasks. The main lesson he has learned, however, is that – even though help is always within reach – personal commitment and taking responsibility come first at HOERBIGER.

"Even as an apprentice, I take responsibility for my success at HOERBIGER."

Maurino Filoni
HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik GmbH