The HOERBIGER adventure

Anyone who views their life through the eyes of an adventurer takes on new goals with excitement – and shows the utmost dedication and commitment on their way to the goal.

If you too have a pioneering spirit and courage within you, if you want to explore new avenues and discover new worlds, you will find your future at HOERBIGER.

Don’t wait any longer. Your HOERBIGER Adventure can start today!

Pioneering spirit

A pioneering spirit and courage characterize the culture of innovation at HOERBIGER. We approach new things without knowing the solution. We are never satisfied with our achievements – and as a result we are a leader in technological niche markets. We take our chances: with new technologies, business models and processes, as well as new markets.

We are looking for adventure!

Performance-defining components are the technological basis for our products, systems and services. We rely on employees who share our pioneering spirit. Modern adventurers who bring the curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking we need to provide our customers with sustainable benefits. People who are willing to take calculated risks and to take responsibility for their decisions – in both the short and the long term.

Are you an Adventurer?

New ideas

Without new ideas there is no progress. To be successful, we offer our customers solutions with compelling unique selling points. We are not afraid to expand into largely uncharted areas and business fields.

We create new ideas by being close to the needs of our customers. We do not shy away from challenging conventional solutions.

At HOERBIGER we ask people to act independently, regardless of their hierarchical levels or roles. Constantly discovering exciting new challenges and solving them using expertise, technology and innovative ideas makes us modern adventurers. Day after day.

We foster an open and trusting relationship between managers and employees. We support personal development through mutual respect and clear communication.

Are you an Adventurer?

New expeditions

Those who want to achieve extraordinary goals must be willing to go down new paths. Turning an idea into a product or service with sustainable customer benefits requires visionary thinking and cooperation, and a commitment to hard work.

Leaving the beaten track certainly means we face obstacles. Like true adventurers we look for challenges, because to overcome them means to develop and to learn.

HOERBIGER supports continuous personal development and the improvement of skills through structured programs and an open career philosophy. We help each employee to improve continuously, so that they can contribute ever more to our success.

Are you an Adventurer?

New worlds

As the world gets smaller, HOERBIGER is getting bigger.

Operating in more than 40 countries, we feed our creativity through our interaction with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

At HOERBIGER we discover new worlds through new markets, new products, new business models, and new processes.

To ensure healthy company growth, we consider it important to fill key positions primarily from within. For many of our employees, their personal adventures lie in recognition and in constantly finding exciting development opportunities.

Are you an Adventurer?

Sustainable since 1895

HOERBIGER is a company with a rich and successful heritage. We have been pushing the boundaries of engineering since 1895.

Our performance is down to the commitment of the people at HOERBIGER. For them, constantly facing new challenges is an adventure. This ensures long-term success for us all.

We encourage our employees to explore new and unknown paths. This is also represented by the unique combination of our corporate values: pioneering spirit, courage, closeness and fairness.

Are you an Adventurer?