IEP Technologies

HOERBIGER Safety Solutions

Industrial Explosion Protection Systems

  • Global footprint covering over 50 countries
  • 60 years of experience in industrial protection applications
  • Integrated solutions for a broad range of combustible materials and process equipment
  • Leader in industrial safety consulting, engineering, design and testing
  • Third-Party approved reliable and robust systems and components

Combustible dusts and vapors are present in many industrial processes. Plants and process equipment which dry, store, pulverize, convey and filter combustible materials are at risk of explosion. Effective protection solutions designed to prevent the devastating effects of industrial explosions are indispensable.

As the HOERBIGER Safety Solutions Company, IEP Technologies is the worldwide leader in providing explosion protection systems and services. Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA, the company is represented in over 50 countries around the globe. Drawing on 60 years of experience, a dedicated team of application engineers, sales managers and service technicians designs and services advanced safety systems that ensure reliability and efficiency in protecting IEP Technologies customers employees and facilities from the devastating effects of industrial explosions.

Explosion protection solutions for any process

IEP Technologies develops engineered protection solutions using a comprehensive range of protection technologies.

The portfolio of IEP Technologies encompasses best-in-class explosion detection, control and suppression systems for industrial applications as well as replacement components and services. The scope of functions and the interfaces of all components and systems are optimized to achieve explosion mitigation in fractions of a second.

System components undergo rigorous testing by external certification bodies and have the necessary certifications and approvals to meet global requirements.

IEP Technologies additionally offers consulting, engineering and material testing services.

Research and Development

In the Combustion Research Center, the in-house research laboratory, IEP Technologies tests a wide range of materials for specific properties that are important for assessing the explosion hazard.

These tests identify the explosible characteristic of the process material and create the basis for designing highly effective explosion protection solutions.

For consulting and engineering services, IEP Technologies draws on proprietary design software which incorporates the company's knowledge from hundreds of meticulously documented explosion tests and 60 years of field experience in industrial applications.

Explosible substances in industrial applications

Virtually all organic and a large number of inorganic substances are able to form combustible hazards when finely dispersed in the manufacturing process:

Oil, gas and Chemical industries

  • Flammable gases and hydrocarbons
  • Aerosols and dusts in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Herbicides and fertilizers
  • Polymer and synthetic resin dusts

Energy generation

  • Coal dust
  • Dust from wood pellet handling

Processing industry and trades

  • Dust from the production of wood and wood fiber products
  • Dust and chips from polymer and rubber product machining
  • Chips and fine dusts from metal machining

Food industry

  • Cereal flours and other ground products
  • Starch, sugar and gluten
  • Dusts in food production

About IEP Technologies

In 2013, four leading explosion protection companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland came together to form IEP Technologies. These companies and IEP Technologies have installed over 8,000 explosion protection systems since 1950. They detect critical operating states and – where necessary – mitigate the potential destructiveness of explosions.

IEP Technologies became a HOERBIGER Business Segment in September 2015. The Brilex range of explosion vents was acquired in 2016 and the Atexon spark detection and extinguishing technology in 2018. Both the Brilex and Atexon products brands have joined the IEP Technologies family of safety solutions.


To learn more about the HOERBIGER Safety Solutions Company visit www.ieptechnologies.com.