Simplify Your Actuators

Intelligent Valve Actuator with Safety Functions

HOERBIGER TriVAX™ is the re-engineered electrohydraulic solution for intelligent automated valve actuators made by HOERBIGER. This performance-defining component reverses the trend of complex systems, without compromising safety. The Smart Partial Stroke Test (sPST), a new safety function, drastically reduces maintenance-related plant downtime and extends maintenance intervals to five years. HOERBIGER TriVAX™ blends maximum safety standards with extremely simple installation and operation, and monitoring of all functions and remote maintenance from a central control station.

With its new automated valve actuators HOERIBIGER TriVAX™ and HOERBIGER TriVAX™ flex, HOERBIGER demonstrates that "faster, higher, further" is not an end in itself, but that manufacturers must always keep the needs of the users in mind. These electrohydraulic actuators are a new class of their own. Designed as compact units, they are quick to install, requiring only electrical supply and bus connections. All drive components are accommodated in the encapsulated housing. The integrated electronics unit monitors operation and automatically triggers safety functions as needed, such as quick closing, or carries out an sPST.

Complexity is a thing of the past

While valve actuators in the past routinely involved complex models, today miniaturization allows all the components of electrohydraulic actuators – from the electric pump motor, through the hydraulic pump and oil reservoir, to the hydraulic cylinder – to be accommodated in an encapsulated housing. This saves space and does away with hydraulic tubing and external tanks, while reducing installation and maintenance expenses and efforts. "Complexity is a thing of the past, and systems must become increasingly simpler," explained Marcus Grödl, Head of the Valve Automation Business Segment at HOERBIGER. "When it comes to our HOERBIGER TriVAX™, the name says it all: Tri denotes the optimal blend of hydraulics, mechanics and electronics, and VAX is the abbreviation for valve actuator."

The enhanced electrohydraulic valve actuator featuring embedded intelligence is tailored to the needs of the process industry. It is as easy to install as an all-electric drive unit, yet is as powerful, robust and durable as an actuator that is entirely hydraulic. The electronics unit ensures easy, intuitive use and supports operation both locally and via a control center using a bus connection.

Quick to retrofit

Upgrading existing systems to boost efficiency is often associated with space constraints. In this situation, the compact design and the easy, electrical connection of the actuator help bring the technology up-to-date quickly and easily. This kind of durable product is needed in particular in the process industry, in power plants, and in the oil and gas industry. HOERBIGER TriVAX™ replaces conventional valve control units that may not yet have safety functions such as quick closing, sPST or mandatory explosion protection, or that simply do not comply with the latest standards.

The maintenance-intensive conglomerate of hydraulics, tubing, mechanics, and electrical systems of conventional control units is dispensed with. Since the actuator is a self-contained system, maintenance intervals are drastically longer, and cost efficiency is improved compared to conventional solutions. The space requirement of the actuator, which is also available in a flame-proof encapsulated version, is likewise reduced.

Thanks to integrated interfaces to standard field buses (Profibus PA, HART, Foundation Fieldbus), the compact actuator can be integrated quickly into existing automation concepts. Especially in sprawling plants or pipelines, where the butterfly valves sometimes are located miles apart, the valves can be controlled via a simple electrical signal.

The model featuring a flameproof housing meets the requirements for operation in areas that are prone to explosions (Ex protection according to ATEX II2GD Ex d IIB T4). Safety functions that are crucial in the natural gas, oil and chemicals industries round out the innovative concept of the powerful and reliable valve actuator.