Lower Costs, Greater Performance:

HOERBIGER eHydroCOM system

HOERBIGER eHydroCOM is a fully electric, stepless capacity control system for reciprocating compressors. Compared to traditional control methods – such as simple bypass control, variable clearance pocket control, recirculation valves, or speed control – eHydroCOM lowers energy consumption by as much as 40 percent. The system is easy to install, calibrate, and operate, making it also suitable for retrofitting existing compressor equipment.

Following the trend toward faster, more flexible production, HOERBIGER offers a new, all-electric capacity control unit for reciprocating compressors. Particular emphasis was placed during development on the option of easily retrofitting existing equipment. The HOERBIGER eHydroCOM capacity control system does away with all hydraulic components and is connected to the control cabinet only via data and power cables. Designed for extremely long maintenance intervals, the new unit minimizes energy and maintenance costs alike.

New development based on extensive experience

The electrohydraulic reverse flow control systems made by HOERBIGER have been successfully applied in more than 1,000 applications worldwide. The enhanced all-electric model stands out with the same reliability, while offering faster installation, lower maintenance, and greater dynamics.

The HOERBIGER eHydroCOM system gives the user stepless capacity control and allows the compressor to be set exactly to the required flow rates. Regulation of the delivery volume is achieved by keeping the suction valves open. Gas volumes that are not required are pushed back into the intake line at the start of the piston stroke, expending almost no energy. Then the intake valve closes and, now using energy, the exact gas volume needed is compressed to the nominal pressure and pushed out. Energy consumption is thus minimized across the entire performance range of 0 to 100 percent.

The HOERBIGER eHydroCOM system can be installed on all industrial reciprocating compressors, regardless of brand, and operates without cooling water supply. The compact dimensions enable retrofits even in confined mounting spaces. At an average utilization rate of 80%, a 900-kW reciprocating compressor can save approximately 170,000 euros annually solely through optimized control, making the payback period for the eHydroCOM system typically less than 12 months.