Focus of our acquisitions

  • "Acquisitions: HOERBIGER, the right decision."

HOERBIGER has an interest in technologically leading, financially sound companies operating in attractive market environments with excellent growth potential. Profitably managed companies with outstanding intangible assets and high earning power are a good match for our commitment to performance – performance counts – and for our performance defining components-based business model.

In addition to intangibles – technology expertise, and application and market knowledge – the strategic focus must be a fit for HOERBIGER.

The following criteria are important to us when analyzing and selecting potential target companies:

Attractive industry environment

We are mindful of a robust corporate portfolio that protects against economic risks. Companies that benefit from global megatrends and report solid growth rates in the OEM and/or aftermarket business are a good fit for us.

Market positioning

We are a trendsetter in attractive technological market niches in the oil, gas, and process industries, the automotive industry, and in mechanical and plant engineering. We are interested in drivers of innovation, whose products and services provide a technological edge and clear distinction from the competition through sustainable unique selling propositions.

Financial attractiveness

We finance our growth from our cash flow. As a result, we seek companies which, like us, have the capability to achieve high increases in sales and EBIT. Our focus lies in companies with annual growth potential of more than 10 percent and double-digit EBIT margins. 


We look for companies that share our focus on technology and innovation. We are proud of our employees' know-how, our technological expertise, and our technology-driven corporate culture. The umbrella of the HOERBIGER Group provides a fitting environment for the next development steps of competency-driven companies offering production- and process-related unique selling propositions.


The ability to act with self-reliance is a decisive stability criterion for the HOERBIGER Group. Companies that are not dependent on individual suppliers and customers and maintain a balanced portfolio with risk diversification in mind meet this objective.

Strong management

We empower entrepreneurially minded managers who fit our corporate culture and personally have a compelling success story to share. At HOERBIGER, entrepreneurs will find new and attractive professional challenges in international top management.

Shared Vision and shared Values

We seek companies that share our vision "We set standards" and the four HOERBIGER Corporate Values: Pioneering Spirit, Courage, Fairness, and Closeness.

Are you the owner or representative of a company that satisfies these criteria and are you looking for an attractive acquisition partner?

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