Acquisitions in the HOERBIGER Group

  • "Acquisitions: Good arguments for HOERBIGER."

HOERBIGER pursues a long-term and sustainable strategy for the future. It is based on organic growth and acquisitive growth.

Organic growth

Growth from the core through technical innovations and impetus. The objective is to strengthen existing business activities and establish new business ideas.

Acquisitive Growth

Growth through carefully selected and deliberate acquisition of companies engaged in core businesses and related business segments.

Every acquisition is made with three essential goals in mind:

  • Expanding and strengthening our technological core competency and our product and service portfolio.
  • Strengthening our market presence and our positioning in the OEM and Service business.
  • Sustainably increasing the company's value.

We are always open to the idea of acquiring companies from our industrial environment or those that can leverage our core competencies to become even more successful.

HOERBIGER can draw on a sound equity capital base to finance acquisitions.

"We are always open for the acquisition of companies from our industrial environment or companies that we can make even more successful with our core competencies."

Yves Noth
Head of Corporate Business Development