Wellhead compression

Economically extracting residual oil and gas from mature fields

Gas and oil wells that are nearly depleted are often abandoned, even when considerable amounts could still be extracted. The reason is that the remaining oil and gas can no longer be recovered efficiently and cost-effectively with conventional methods. A Wellhead Compression unit from HOERBIGER allows mature fields to continue to produce.


  • Continuous operation, even when liquid amounts are high: conventional systems have high downtime because they have to be shut down several times a day.
  • Long-standing experience with solutions to on-site problems, for example as a result of excessive loads of liquids, sand, water, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen sulfide.
  • The versatile WHC units are easy to transport and install, allowing our customers to respond to new requirements quickly and flexibly.

Wellhead Compression (WHC) extends the life of oil and gas wells, dramatically boosting their production output.

HOERBIGER WHC units have an availability of at least 95 percent, even under poor operating conditions, and generally achieve levels as high as 99 percent, ensuring continuous production.

In gas wells, the increase in gas velocity made possible by the use of WHC units eliminates a drop in pressure at the bottom of the borehole, eliminating production constraints due to liquid loading.

In oil wells, WHC units reduce the pressure on pipes and largely preclude the development of backpressure that could impair production. Problems with air entrapment no longer occur, and the pump's delivery rate increases.

Full Description

HOERBIGER offers both standardized and customized Wellhead Compression solutions, providing varying performance categories to cover every need. More than 400 compressor units are in use worldwide.

State-of-the-art telemetry supplies real-time data on output, safety, and maintenance.

All HOERBIGER technical staff has comprehensive training.

HOERBIGER's WHC units are easy to transport and install, making them flexible to use.

HOERBIGER's Wellhead Compression services provide an ideal tool to easily and cost-effectively extend the life of mature oil and gas fields. The HOERBIGER Service network provides customers with the guaranteed proximity and availability they need to ensure reliable operation of their equipment.

This is what makes recovery more difficult

Decreasing pressure in a gas field results in the accumulation of liquids as extraction progresses. The resulting backpressure continuously reduces output, causing the well to dry up.

Fully developed oilfields produce large amounts of gas. In the absence of venting, this creates backpressure and so limits production.

Wellhead Compression units by HOERBIGER solve both problems.