Overhaul & Repair

Engine overhaul and repair

Engines powered by natural gas are crucial in many industries driving critical equipment such as electrical generators and gas compressors. Like all operational equipment, maintenance of gas engines is necessary, repairs and overhauls are a fact of life.


  • HOERBIGER has overhauled over 200 engines in the field in the last five years.
  • In 2014 we performed 10 root cause analyses for engine reliability issues; in each case we provided guaranteed solutions for the customer.
  • Our safety program has been audited annually by our peers and customers for the last 10 years.

HOERBIGER's gas engine overhaul and repair services represent safe, high quality and speedy service, letting our customers focus on their core business. We have many years of experience with engines from a wide variety of manufacturers, and carry an extensive range of spare components.

Full Description

HOERBIGER offers gas engine overhauls and repairs both on-site and in our workshops.

Our service teams of highly qualified and experienced mechanics, technicians, and engineers have the expertise to carry out both manufacturer-specified and preventive maintenance and repair programs. We support every engine overhaul with a robust warranty.

Our engine business is backed by a large stock of new and refurbished spare and replacement parts.