Engine Exchange

HOERBIGER engine exchange program:

Maximum performance at optimum value

For industrial engines, no-one wants downtime. Any time an engine is out for unplanned service means lower availability and lost production.

HOERBIGER's exchange program for gas engines is designed to support our customers and protect availability through providing a solution to allow a return to production safely, swiftly and efficiently.

The engine exchange program is also of interest to operators facing the decision to replace legacy systems. In many cases, a replacement gas engine that has been completely remanufactured by HOERBIGER using state-of-the-art equipment gives a better return on investment than a brand-new engine.


  • HOERBIGER has successfully exchanged over 100 engines globally in the last 10 years.
  • Engine exchange cuts downtime to just 1.5–3 days, compared to 5–7 days for a traditional field overhaul.
  • All inventory exchange engines are fully dynamometer tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

With a HOERBIGER engine exchange there is no compromise on either performance or reliability. Every engine is re-manufactured to OEM specifications using state-of-the-art equipment, and undergoes thorough dynamometer testing before delivery.

When operators face the choice of buying a brand-new gas engine or investing in the repair of a legacy machine, HOERBIGER replacement engines offer compellingly short delivery and installation times. Costly lost production is minimized.

Full Description

HOERBIGER overhauls exchange engines in our in-house workshops using state-of-the-art technology. We apply a principle used in motor racing: every detail matters. This is how we achieve maximum reliability.

Every exchange engine remanufactured by HOERBIGER undergoes intensive testing and is tuned to meet or exceed OEM specifications on a dynamometer simulating actual operating conditions.

Qualified HOERBIGER technicians can install and commission a rebuilt engine within two days.

Worldwide, HOERBIGER has successfully exchanged more than 100 industrial gas engines.