Engine Upgrade

For higher reliability, lower emissions and improved fuel economy

Industrial engines should operate inside legal compliance framework and as economically as possible. They are expected to be available on demand to meet all operating requirements within their performance spectrum. Operators therefore value robust and efficient machinery, equipped with flexible speed, load control and injection technology that ensures full compliance with emissions regulations for nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

Industrial engine operators justifiably expect technology expertise, quality workmanship throughout, short repair times, and guaranteed long service intervals delivered from a reliable service partner.


  • In the last 10 years HOERBIGER has upgraded 346 engines to lean-burn technology for emissions reduction and fuel savings.
  • The measured MTBF for the 89 large-bore engines upgraded with HOERBIGER technology is more than 40,000 hours.

HOERBIGER increases the performance of industrial engines, regardless of whether they use natural gas, diesel or dual-fuel technology.

Modern engine management systems, more precise fuel delivery, and first-class injection and ignition technology ensure reliable combustion, low fuel consumption, and reduced emissions, with an extremely low overall risk of failure.

An engine upgrade from HOERBIGER always pays off. High reliability of the engine and return on investment are our specialties, underwritten by a range of comprehensive warranties where required.

Full Description

The need to reconfigure or relocate is no reason to scrap valuable capital goods such as industrial engines. On the contrary: at HOERBIGER we consider these challenges a good opportunity to upgrade proven and reliable machines.

At the start of every such project, experienced HOERBIGER technicians evaluate the requirements for the engine. We then work with the operator to develop an economically sensible custom upgrade project with efficiency and added value in mind.

The first step in most upgrades is to optimize the function of the turbocharger. After that, modern HOERBIGER ignition systems are added to improve combustion quality and stability. Legacy engines are additionally often equipped with new electronic check valves to ensure precise fuel injection and prevent misfires and knocking. The upgraded engine runs smooth and clean, and maintenance expenditure is significantly reduced.

In all upgrade projects for industrial engines, HOERBIGER uses only first-rate components and systems. Every step of the upgrade process is documented in detail.