PX Base

  • Repairs of performance defining parts
  • Tailor-made, equipment-specific and effective
  • Highest quality thanks to clearly structured services and certified processes

Precision and reliability

For generations, HOERBIGER has developed and manufactured high-precision components that perform important functions in key areas of your machines. HOERBIGER specialists are seasoned experts when it comes to these components.

Repairing performance defining machine parts is like open-heart surgery: precision work that only people with the relevant expert knowledge and years of experience dare to tackle. HOERBIGER experts fall into that class.

Only when the core of the machine functions flawlessly will the remaining components be able to perform as well. It’s essential to minimize downtime and carry out the necessary repairs quickly, yet precisely and reliably.

This is what HOERBIGER Service is all about:

  • Clearly structured services, certified processes
  • Complete documentation
  • Professional process management guarantees on-time delivery


  • Expertise in the performance defining parts of all compressors, regardless of manufacturer
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Cut downtime and get back to full performance more quickly


The HOERBIGER Advanced Class
Your proven solution

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