Piezo control valves

For fluidic control processes

  • Flexible – extremely low electrical power consumption ensures an extraordinary range of possible applications
  • Safe – free of self-heating and consequently maintenance-free without additional cooling systems
  • Compact – lightweight design ensures high dynamics and resolutions

The most compelling features of our sophisticated piezo technology for medical technology applications are low actuation current, compact lightweight design and extraordinary durability.

The valves' minimal electric power consumption does not preclude the implementation of advanced solutions. Medical technology always requires precisely measured amounts of air, gases and liquids as well as maximum flexibility and accuracy in terms of flow rate, temperature and pressure.

The use of HOERBIGER piezo valve technology in fluidic control processes of renowned medical technology manufacturers ensures that intensive care patients and premature babies are safely ventilated, blood pressure can be measured exactly, but non-invasively, and operating systems function reliably.