Blocker Ring Basic (BRB)

Single-Cone Synchronizer Ring featuring "microGROOVE"

  • High strength and low thermal expansion
  • Minimal wear
  • Economical substitute for brass rings

The HOERBIGER Blocker Ring Basic (BRB) synchronizer ring sets new standards in the high-volume transmission entry-level segment, which has been dominated by forged brass rings so far. Thanks to perfected steel sheet forming technology and wear-minimized heat treatment, the ring is able to dispense with a separate friction lining.

The Blocker Ring Basic is a solid steel ring in which the HOERBIGER microGROOVE performs the friction work. In the planned range of applications, the microGROOVE has outstanding properties: its minimal wear in particular - in conjunction with the adapted thermal expansion - allow reduced clearances and help to reduce the installation space.

All the functional features and final dimensions of the Blocker Ring Basic are generated in the forming tool, resulting in consistently high quality and an optimal cost structure in high-volume manufacturing.

The Blocker Ring Basic (BRB) rounds out HOERBIGER's single-cone ring portfolio encompassing the Blocker Ring Coated (BRC) with carbon friction lining and the Blocker Ring Evo (BRE) with sintered friction lining.