Thesis Projects at HOERBIGER

The Stepping Stone to Working Life

  • Play a role in current issues of an international group
  • Develop ideas and work independently
  • Receive support from an internal coach

You work independently and can develop your ideas as part of a bachelor, master or doctoral thesis. If you have questions, you can contact your mentor - who is available to you as an internal coach - at any time.

Are you in the process of completing a technical or commercial Bachelor's or Master's degree program? We offer you an independent position with responsibilities and the opportunity to play a role in current issues of an international group.

Did you impress us with your thesis project? Perhaps there is an opportunity to hire you directly. A number of our employees have started out this way. Their decision was perfectly timed and they landed safely in permanent positions.

Seize your opportunity and dare to take the leap. We are excited to meet you!

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