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For Proven and Brand-new Compressors

[ Published in HOERBIGER@MOTION 02/2013 ]

With its history spanning 180 years, CAMERON International Corporation, Houston, Texas, USA, is one of the world's conglomerates with the richest tradition. The company's approximately 18,000 employees feel committed to their history - and consequently to the corporate maxims that already guided the actions of CAMERON's predecessor, COOPER Industries: quality and performance. The company has a long-standing partnership with HOERBIGER.

The present name of the company - CAMERON - dates back to the acquisition of CAMERON Iron Works by COOPER Industries in 1989. This most momentous acquisition in the history of the industrial enterprise founded in 1833 by the COOPER brothers, Charles and Elias, in Mount Vernon, Ohio, gave rise to a company that presently achieves sales of more than 5 billion dollars with its three Business Segments - Drilling & Production Systems, Valves & Measurement, and Process & Compression Systems. Approximately two thirds of CAMERON's business comes from outside the United States. China is increasingly gaining in importance - both as a sales market and as a production location.

Offering proven technological solutions, both for the production and for the transport and use of natural gas in the process industry, CAMERON is positioned well. The company has a balanced portfolio covering gas compression from the source to the end user. Over the last few years, CAMERON invested primarily in the continual optimization of the portfolio. Initially, the efforts were centered around boosting the efficiency of CAMERON compressors. Another focal area was the minimization of greenhouse gases from diffuse emissions at the compressors. To this day, the AJAX® Integral Engine Compressor, one of the oldest, yet also one of the most successful machines in the world, contributes significantly to CAMERON's success around the globe. After World War II, the compact design of the AJAX® compressor helped make it the leading compressor model in the U.S. oil and gas industry. COOPER and CAMERON systematically expanded the product line - all the way to the current top model, the 845-horsepower AJAX® 2804.

The technical design of the AJAX compressor®, the fundamentals of which were developed at the beginning of the 20th century, is still applied to this day. This is due to the simple design and the intrinsic value of the construction. In addition, the machine was refined through continuous innovation. To accomplish this, CAMERON relies on partners like HOERBIGER. The company purchases all valves as well as the packing and sealing rings for the AJAX® compressors from HOERBIGER. HOERBIGER and CAMERON have collaborated in the CAMERON AJAX division in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, for three years as part of a joint project, with the goal of further improving the performance and reliability of AJAX® Integral Engine Compressors by developing a more reliable, wear-resistant ring design.

Another example of the close collaboration between CAMERON and HOERBIGER is the Reignite™ project. In October 2009, HOERBIGER Engineering Services, Houston, Texas, USA, and CAMERON signed an agreement to jointly market technology that would upgrade aged integral gas engine-compressors using CAMERON's distribution channels. The Reignite™ project focuses on the immense COOPER-BESSEMER® integral engine compressors. The majority of these compressors have been in operation for decades. Based on the construction, dimensions and weight alone, COOPER-BESSEMER® integrals necessitate special infrastructure. For every operator, purchasing the compressor and providing the infrastructure to support it were associated with a capital-intensive investment. The interest among current operators in long-term use of these machines is accordingly high. However, this will only be possible if the engines continue to satisfy all emissions guidelines. Machines retrofitted with the Reignite™ package safely meet even the most stringent environmental standards. Relative to performance, the investment that is required from the operator is no more than 25 percent of the amount that a new machine would cost.

The company is prepared for the reorganization of the gas industry. Again, HOERBIGER offers its support as a key partner. North America, CAMERON's home market, is rich in shale gas deposits. Nonetheless, the distribution of shale gas formations will result in a reorganization of the gas industry worldwide. CAMERON has laid the groundwork for this trend. The economical use of shale gas will start in North America and Europe. However, the company will develop products for India and China in equal measure - with different performance levels, both for gas extraction and gas distribution. When it comes to the development of these new compressors, CAMERON relies on the expertise the company has acquired with the high-speed compressors from the SUPERIOR® portfolio. The latest development is a high-speed compressor for which the prototypes are presently manufactured at the Houston, Texas, site in the United States. In the future, these compressors will be produced at the Houston location and a new plant in Gaomi in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. HOERBIGER Corporation of America not only supported the development of this new series from the very start, but also assured the technology transfer to China. The valves, rings and packings for the compressors that CAMERON will produce in China will be supplied by HOERBIGER Shanghai Co. Ltd., one of the most modern production plants in the HOERBIGER Group. The technical specifications will exactly reflect the design developed between HOERBIGER and CAMERON in the USA, as guaranteed by HOERBIGER's global quality standards.


For decades, HOERBIGER has supplied CAMERON International Corporation with state-of-the-art compressor components. For the high-speed C-Force compressor, CAMERON 's latest development, HOERBIGER adapted the innovative CP valve. The CP valve is marked by high efficiency and strength. Its core is the aerodynamically beveled valve plate made of a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic material developed by HOERBIGER. It assures low maintenance costs and a long service life.

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With a production volume of approximately 650 billion cubic meters and domestic consumption of approximately 680 billion cubic meters of natural gas (2011 and 2010 figures), the USA is one of the largest natural gas nations in the world. COOPER, now CAMERON, has supported the evolution of the gas industry in the USA since the close of the 19th century. Some of the legacy machines have been in use reliably for more than 100 years. CAMERON vouches that both these tried and tested machines, as well as the new compressors being built today, will be a sustainable investment for their operators. Because of continuous innovation and modernization of the technical design, CAMERON compressors are considered leading technology to this day. Innovative solutions for the upgrade of legacy machines preserve the value of the financial investment.


CAMERON International Corporation, Houston, Texas, USA, has worked with HOERBIGER for decades. HOERBIGER is one of the premium suppliers for all of the group's brands – COOPER-BESSEMER®, AJAX® and SUPERIOR®. When it comes to valves as well as packing and sealing rings, HOERBIGER has repeatedly contributed to the refinement of proven CAMERON compressors by offering new technical designs and innovative materials. CAMERON and HOERBIGER Engineering Services, Houston, Texas, USA, have collaborated since 2005 on the upgrade of integral compressors. Since 2009, CAMERON and HOERBIGER have jointly marketed the Reignite™ brand - technology that significantly boosts the efficiency, flexibility and reliability of integrals.