Case Studies – Reference Projects

The HOERBIGER case studies provide information about reference projects that focus on the upgrade and revamp of reciprocating compressor equipment.

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Process Short Description Download
Hydrogen Desulfurisation Increased capacity through installation of HydroCOM and monitoring system PDF
Natural Gas Compressor Restoration of availability through repair and overhaul of crankcase and cylinder PDF
CO² Compressor Ensure safe and reliable operation by modernization of the compressor PDF
Hydrogen Desulfurisation Reliability optimization through adaptation of the compressor to the corrosive gas PDF
Hydrogen Compressor Increased availability and reliability through full overhaul and service also extended the lifetime of the compressor PDF
Hydrogen Desulfurisation Higher reliability and better efficiency under changed process conditions due to compressor upgrade PDF

Chemical Plant

Process Short Description Download
Ammonia Improved availability through new piston and rod PDF
LDPE Perfect operation through application-specific adaptation of the capacity control PDF
LDPE Reliability and troubleshooting project resulted in pulsation/vibration reduction PDF
Propylen Boil Off Increased efficiency and reliability through upgrade with HydroCOM PDF
Ammonia Improved reliability and efficiency under changed conditions due to compressor upgrade PDF
Restored availability by repair of a badly damaged crankcase PDF

Natural Gas Plant

Process Short Description Download
Process modernization resulted in optimal reliability and efficiency PDF
Transportation Reduced emissions through overhaul PDF
Reduction of energy costs through optimized process conditions PDF

Technical Gases Plant

Process Short Description Download
Reduced energy costs with excellent ROI through upgraded capacity control PDF
Increased capacity under new process conditions through compressor upgrade PDF