Case Studies – Reference Projects

The HOERBIGER case studies provide information about reference projects that focus on the upgrade and revamp of reciprocating compressor equipment.

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Process Short Description Download
Oil wax Production – Hydrotreatment Capacity Increase PDF
Hydrogen Desulfurisation Capacity Increase, Control & Monitoring PDF
Nitrogen supply Upgrade / Revamp, Efficiency Increase PDF
CO2 Compressor New cylinder designed, manufactured, installed PDF
Steam Reforming Reconditioning compressor PDF
Hydrogen Desulfurisation Solve cylinder corrosion problems PDF
Hydrogen Compressor Lifetime extension PDF
Hydrogen Desulfurisation Revamp, Capacity Increase PDF
New frame and crosshead guide for compressor with dramatic frame damage PDF

Chemical Plant


Process Short Description Download
Air Supply for Cyclohexane Oxidation Upgrade and Revamp of Crankcase PDF
Ammonia Piston and Rod Upgrade PDF
LDPE Upgrade of Reverse Flow Control System with HydroCOM PDF
LDPE Reliability and Troubleshooting (Pulsation/Vibration Reduction) PDF
Propylen Boil Off Propylene Boil Off Gas Control System with HydroCOM PDF
Ammonia Deliver new cross head guide and overhaul the compressor PDF

Natural Gas Plant


Process Short Description Download
Storage Upgrade and Revamp for new operating / process conditions PDF
Transportation Upgrade and Revamp of gas transport station compressor PDF
Conversion from engine driven to electric driven compressor PDF

Offshore Platform


Process Short Description Download
Analyze vibration problems and improve installation PDF

Speciality Gases Plant


Process Short Description Download
Air separation Capacity Adaption, Pulsation & Vibration Control, Reconditioning PDF
Air separation Solve bearing problems, new crosshead solution PDF
Air separation Reconditioning (old compressor burnt) PDF