Testing and Diagnostic Devices for Electric Measurands

Intelligent measurement systems for electric component functional testing

  • State-of-the-art technologies for rapid and precise measurements
  • Autonomous and universal use
  • Customization based on customer's specifications

HOERBIGER is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic and test equipment for electrical measurands. HOERBIGER develops the hardware and software for these solutions almost completely in-house. The systems utilize state-of-the-art technologies for rapid and precise measurements.

One example is Ecos NT, an autonomous and intelligent measuring system for functional tests of electrical components in the automotive industry. Using Ecos NT, electrical consumption is measured and analyzed with high precision. The results of these measurements can be transmitted to the customer’s central electronic documentation via WLAN. Touchless measurement and the extremely wide measurement range of Ecos NT allow the unit to be deployed universally—not just in an automotive production environment.

HOERBIGER's strength lies in customizing testing and diagnostic devices, adapting the hardware and software to our customers’ requirements. In addition, the Ecos NT electrical current testing system can be individually configured to customer-specific measuring sequences.