Small Testing Devices

For targeted measurements under realistic operating conditions

  • Diverse model spectrum for all electric and electronic test functions
  • Suitable for the simulation of real operating conditions
  • Worldwide commissioning service and production support

Testing, measurement and diagnostic systems made by HOERBIGER support the customers’ need for functional testing of electrical components simulating real operating conditions.

The efficient and robust small testing devices, when individually adapted by HOERBIGER to manufacturers’ needs, are particularly suited in multiple variations to cover E/E test functions in the quality process of the production line. They permit targeted measurements and immediate processing of the results. An example is the AAG II trailer test device used to check the complex functions of trailer hitch junction boxes for commercial vehicles.

Nearly all components of small devices, from the design of ruggedized housings to hardware and software, are developed and manufactured in-house by HOERBIGER. Start-up, related support during production, and world-wide service round out the offering.