Test Benches and Software

Tailor-made test benches for quality control in the automotive industry

  • Customized complete systems from one source
  • Broad range of modern hardware and software components
  • Time and resource savings due to perfect integration in the production process

As one of the leading first-tier suppliers worldwide for test systems in the automotive industry, HOERBIGER supplies tailor-made system solutions entirely from one source. Their perfect integration in the production process saves time, optimizing quality control in the automotive field.

All components—starting with hardware and software, through fixtures for components under test, to complex contact points—are tuned to the customer’s processes. This includes maintenance and servicing.

The HOERBIGER test benches are based on a broad spectrum of modern hardware and software components. An example is the UPSY 2010 universal test system. The functional range of this device developed for testing electronic assemblies and control units can be expanded to meet the customer’s requirements. The unit simulates electronic peripherals normally installed in the product environment.

At the customer’s request, HOERBIGER also supplies a variety of other test stands to test the function of increasingly complex electronic components installed in seats, doors, cockpits and cabins of commercial vehicles, among other applications. Flash stations developed by HOERBIGER control fully automatic flash processes for electronic control units. All solutions always take into account integration into the customer’s PPT system.