Jiangsu Yawei Stock Co.

Yangzhou, China

With HOERBIGER in the Fast Lane

[ Published in HOERBIGER@MOTION 01/2012 ]

A team of the HOERBIGER customer magazine HOERBIGER@MOTION visited Jiangsu Yawei Stock Co. in Yangzhou, China, for the first time in 2007. Back then, the company specialized in machine tools was manufacturing press brakes in a hall that was more reminiscent of a shipyard. Five years later a new, modern commercial building has taken its place: it is the calling card of an extremely successful machine manufacturer that utilizes China’s greater accessibility to become positioned among the leading players in the world market. And HOERBIGER has supported its evolution for many years.

Yawei’s origins date back to an agricultural machine factory founded in 1956. Today, the Chinese company, which is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in South China, is a recognized innovation and technology leader in the machine tools market segment. Its portfolio encompasses CNC presses, shearing machines, stamping and nibbling machinery, and coil winding machines. Yawei presently has approximately 1,300 employees and its growth rates far exceed those of the sector average. The production operation is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000. The press brakes and stamping and nibbling machines produced by Yawei also bear the quality seal of TÜV Rheinland (Rhineland’s Technical Inspection Association), which from its base in Germany conducts industrial certifications around the globe. In 2007, Yawei was awarded the coveted “China Famous Brand“ status.

In China, Yawei is one of HOERBIGER Automation Technology’s most important customers. The Chinese-European alliance is a win-win story for both companies. CNC press brakes made by Yawei, for which HOERBIGER supplies the hydraulic drives and controllers, a key technology, earned the prestigious “China Top Brand” award back in 2005. Yawei was one of the first Chinese market players to receive this honor.

Initial contacts with HOERBIGER Automation Technology developed at the turn of the millennium. This evolved into a prime example of a business partnership. In 2011, Yawei and HOERBIGER celebrated the ten-year anniversary of their close partnership, which is based on mutual appreciation. Yawei uses compact electrohydraulic axes made by HOERBIGER as the drive systems for press brakes and, in the future, as actuators for stamping and nibbling machines. The hydraulic drive systems for Yawei’s machine tools are now produced by HOERBIGER (Wuxi) Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

The HOERBIGER drive systems allowed Yawei to considerably boost the quality and productivity of its CNC machines and significantly expand its competitive edge and cost advantage. Since then, integrating European key components in Yawei’s machine tools has been intensively promoted: European know-how is a strong argument, even beyond the Chinese market. The intensity and significance of this competitive advantage is clearly apparent from Yawei’s sales figures. Over the last few years, they rose by 40 percent on average.


Electrohydraulic drive systems and the related control electronics are key technologies for modern CNC press brakes. They assure maximum precision in sophisticated metal forming operations. Over the last few decades, HOERBIGER has fitted more than 65,000 CNC press brakes with hydraulic systems. HOERBIGER has perfected the integration of hydraulic components in the system and improved reliability like no other manufacturer. In the present systems, the pump, pressure filter and pressure adjustment of the performance module are combined in one control block. Modern control valves enable optimal sequences of motions and exact positioning. By regulating the power input, energy is supplied based on load and used efficiently.


China is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for CNC press brakes in the world. Yet, at approximately 60 percent, the predominant market share comes from machines in the lower segment. The 12th Five-Year Plan published by the Chinese government in 2011, however, directs particular attention to the development of state-of-the-art, high-quality CNC machines. This creates excellent opportunities and prospects for ambitious market players like Yawei, as well as for suppliers of key components.


HOERBIGER Automation Technology and its Wuxi branch have been a preferred partner of Yawei for more than ten years when it comes to the continuous enhancement of CNC press brakes, primarily for the Chinese market, but also for the global market. HOERBIGER’s decades-long experience and Yawei’s ambitious corporate vision form the basis of a successful cooperation. The resulting technology leaps have been recognized in China on multiple occasions, receiving national awards. [Yawei](http://www.yawei.cc Yawei)