Globalization and Inception of the Foundation

Martina Hörbiger

Even before the Second World War, HOERBIGER sales branches were established in Germany, Italy, and Great Britain. In 1947 Martina Hörbiger resumed international business relations, first within Europe, then later in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

By the end of the 1950s, HOERBIGER had built its own distribution system in North America, followed in 1963 by the founding of HOERBIGER Corporation of America and the development of a production operation. In 1970, HOERBIGER Nippon K.K. in Japan was founded, and initial contacts were established with Taiwan (China), Korea, and China.

Based on the compressor valve development and production expertise, in 1971 HOERBIGER decided to systematically build a worldwide network of service entities for the maintenance and repair of reciprocating compressors. This put the company clearly ahead of the competition.

Martina Hörbiger established the HOERBIGER Foundation in Switzerland in 1982 with the objective of preserving the HOERBIGER group of companies for the long term and expanding and developing it.

In the years that followed, the HOERBIGER Foundation supported the successful evolution of the group of companies into the HOERBIGER Group. For this purpose, the Foundation retained the majority of earnings generated in the company or specifically earmarked them for the long-term stabilization of the Group.