Development of the Company and new Inventions

Alfred and Martina Hörbiger

In 1931, Alfred Hörbiger, the second eldest son of the company's founder, started the in-house production of valves in Vienna-Simmering. Between 1925 and 1945, a total of 171 patents were granted for HOERBIGER & Co. for inventions and developments in the field of compressor valves and controls.

After the destruction of the Vienna production plant during the last year of the Second World War, and the sudden passing of Alfred Hörbiger, his wife Martina Hörbiger, who also worked in the company, managed to rebuild the plant.

The company's product range, which until then was primarily comprised of compressor valves and controllers, was expanded by new business segments based on core competencies in the fields of fluid technology and stamping technology.

Initially, HOERBIGER was active in the pneumatics field. Just a short time later, it established new plants in Germany—in Schongau and neighboring Penzberg—for the production of steel disks for passenger car automatic transmission as well as for friction linings and friction disks for use in power-shift transmissions for construction machines and tractors. The Pneumatics Division was then supplemented with the hydraulics segment.