Hydraulic Heavy-Duty Window Lift Mechanisms

Safe visibility for armored vehicles

  • Compact dimensions with maximum lift
  • High power density
  • Integrated emergency function

Armored equipment for passenger cars must live up to the toughest requirements. Along with modifications to the body, chassis and brakes, special components such as the glazing help to offer customers maximum protection and security.

In this sensitive market, HOERBIGER plays a leading role as a developer and manufacturer of premium hydraulic systems for window lift mechanisms.

We develop standardized solutions for armored vehicles for renowned automobile manufacturers and retrofitters. Our systems have proven to be safe and reliable drives for decades–an example is the heavy-duty window lift mechanisms in armored sedans up to armoring protection level B7.

The compact dimensions, combined with high power density, allow the systems to be installed in extremely confined spaces. The windows can be fully opened, despite the safety equipment.

Hydraulic heavy-duty window lift mechanisms made by HOERBIGER can optionally be equipped with an emergency function: the hydraulic accumulator guarantees that in the event of an emergency the windows can be safely opened or closed, even without power supply.

Technical data

Electrical voltage 12 V DC
Electrical power consumption 10 amperes
Lift 150mm to 320 mm (5.9 to 12.6 inches)
Lifting force 600 N