Automotive Industry

  • "A consummate Team Effort."

HOERBIGER is a partner to the automotive industry around the world.

The know-how of the Strategic Business Unit Drive Technology has enabled us to distinguish ourselves among our customers as a leading and sole independent full-service provider of synchronizers for manual transmissions.

The Business Division Automotive Comfort Systems supports the automotive industry with hydraulic retractable top systems for convertibles and pneumatic gearshift support systems for commercial vehicles and buses.

Offering reed valves and cylinder head units for refrigerating sets as well as refrigeration and air brake compressors for commercial vehicles, the Strategic Business Unit Compression Technology is active as a supplier to the automotive industry.

“We want to enjoy what we do. Looking at the worldwide market, our development potential remains excellent. We have everything in place to capitalize on the opportunities of the global market.”

Thomas Englmann
Member of the Executive Board
and CEO of the Strategic Business Unit Drive Technology