JKU HOERBIGER Institute for Smart Actuators

Interface between Research and Practice

The HOERBIGER Foundation uses its own funds predominantly to support research in the entities that make up the HOERBIGER Group and to promote employee development.

In an effort to strengthen and expand the significance of the HOERBIGER Group as an innovative trendsetter in its business segments, in January 2010 the HOERBIGER Foundation founded the JKU HOERBIGER Research Institute for Smart Actuators at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz (JKU).

Linking proven mechanical solutions to the results of the latest research in the field of electric drive systems has triggered extensive change processes, especially in traditional fields of technology. The JKU HOERBIGER Research Institute of Smart Actuators supports the entities of the HOERBIGER Group in taking advantage of this technological metamorphosis for the enhancement of their portfolio.

Johannes Kepler University is an internationally renowned institute for basic research in the field of intelligent actuators. As early as 1990, mechatronics was offered as a registered course at the university. Since then, the range of research disciplines has been systematically expanded. At present, the Mechatronics Department includes 13 institutes and the subject areas range from electric drives and power electronics, robotics, control engineering, fluid mechanics or technical mechanics to microelectronics and microsensor systems.

JKU HOERBIGER Instituts for Smart Actuators.

The JKU HOERBIGER Research Institute for Smart Actuators is unique in the world. This is where two innovation- and technology-oriented partners meet, which are an excellent match.

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Amrhein
JKU HOERBIGER Research Institute for Smart Actuators
Board Member of the Institute for Electrical Drives and Power Electronics
Johannes Kepler University, Linz