Controlling and Moving

Application-oriented hydraulic systems

  • Compact design
  • Application-optimized modular system design
  • Leak-free valve design

HOERBIGER offers compact hydraulic power units for a variety of applications. Our portfolio encompasses power units for simple holding functions in reversing operation, specialized power units for safety brakes of cranes, elevators and cable winches, as well as complex, ATEX-certified pressure oil supply systems for reciprocating compressors.

The modular design of the power unit series allows components to be easily compiled according to the modular principle and eliminates complex piping between the individual valve stations.

In HOERBIGER hydraulic power units, modern valve technology enables optimal sequences of motion and efficient energy management. Leak-free poppet valves and proportional technology in high manufacturing quality are additional features of the HOERBIGER hydraulic power units.

Technical data

Drive power 0.3 to 15 kW
Operating pressure max. 325 bar
Tank size 120 L (Standard)
Pumps Radial piston, internal gear or external gear pump