Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the organizational, supervisory, and financial responsibilities for HOERBIGER Holding AG and hence for the HOERBIGER Group. It is composed of members of the Board of Trustees, former members of the HOERBIGER Executive Board, and independent advisors associated with the Group. The Board of Directors is appointed as part of the Annual General Meeting of HOERBIGER Holding AG at the proposal of the Foundation.

Dr. Martin Komischke (President)

Dr. Andreas Hünerwadel (Vice President)

Egbert Appel

Albin Hahn

Dr. Rudolf Huber

"The HOERBIGER Group is as good and as strong as its employees. The people of HOERBIGER safeguard the success of our company – now and in the future. It is the responsibility of our senior managers to create a motivating environment that promotes personal and professional development."

Dr. Andreas Hünerwadel
Vice President Board of Directors