Smart Actuators

Smart actuators increasingly merge the core competencies from the fields of Compression Technology and Automation Technology.

Modern control systems for compressors, such as the HOERBIGER HydroCOM system, involve core competencies from the fields of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and gas dynamics just as much as sound knowledge of electronics, sensor systems, and software.

The innovative HOERBIGER ePrAX drive for press brakes and the TriVAX valve actuator combine the power of hydraulics with electronics and sensors. The result is smart compact electrohydraulic axes – a symbiosis of an electrical ‘look and feel’ with a hydraulic gearbox.

"Control systems like the HOERBIGER HydroCOM system employ state-of-the-art mechatronics to control the gas throughput. As a result, they are leading worldwide in technology and economic efficiency."

Klaus Stachel
Global Product Management Monitoring & Controls
HOERBIGER Compression Technology