Performance-Defining Components

The technological foundation for HOERBIGER’s products, systems and services

Around the world, the HOERBIGER brand is synonymous with corporate performance through outstanding unique selling propositions. Our products – components, systems and services – are performance-defining. In compressors, industrial engines, automobile transmissions, and multifaceted mechanical and plant engineering applications, they are decisive when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, reliability and environmental compatibility.

Performance-defining components, systems and services from HOERBIGER make a lasting contribution to our customers' added value. They form the core and starting point of our business model. From OEMs to end users, our customers focus on our performance-defining components when making investment decisions.

"The valve is the heart of the compressor."

Dr. Gunther Machu
Head of Global Product Management
Compressor Solutions
HOERBIGER Ventilwerke GmbH & Co KG