• "Mission: Excellence"

Excellence & Growth

In our mission statement we express how we model the continued development of our company based on performance-defining components.

This mission is centered around the terms “Excellence” and “Growth”. The Mission Excellence & Growth follows the EXCELLENCE & Focus initiative, which since 2010 supported the alignment of the Group with strategically sustainable business segments that met our stability criteria.

“Excellence” means continuously delivering top performance in research and development, in terms of the functionality and reliability of products, in quality and dependability of services, the development and implementation of new product ideas and business models, in instilling enthusiasm among our employees and providing them with leadership.

In the last years, we achieved our targets, strategically, operationally and also with respect to our profitability by aligning the Group with strategically sustainable business segments. Now we are determined to set the course for stronger growth. This is what “Growth” is standing for.

"Our performance goal focuses on Excellence - in every respect."

Dr. Martin Komischke
President of the Board of Directors