Inventor and Pioneer

Hanns Hörbiger

In 1895, the steel plate valve invented by Hanns Hörbiger was patented. The valve plate opens when the gas pressure is high enough, and closes as long as the spring pressure is higher than the gas pressure.

The HOERBIGER steel plate valve enormously improves the performance of compressors used in steel production, making production much more reliable and efficient than anyone would have considered possible at that time.

The HOERBIGER steel plate valve, however, not only enabled the advancement of blast furnace technology, but also paved the way for the invention of modern pressure chemistry. This made it one of the key technologies for the industrial development at the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1900, Hanns Hörbiger, together with the engineer Friedrich Wilhelm Rogler, founded an engineering office in Budapest. This office was relocated to Vienna in 1903.

In the years thereafter, Hanns Hörbiger devoted himself to continually enhancing the steel plate valve he had invented. His office issued licenses for use of the technology to business partners domestically and abroad.

In 1925, the engineering office became HOERBIGER & Co. trading company, headquartered in Vienna.