Conformity is undesirable at HOERBIGER.

As a trendsetter in technological niche markets, HOERBIGER is an enterprise in which new ideas find fertile ground.

With their dedication and performance, our employees have allowed us to rise from a family business with European origin to an international technology group.

Men and women, of varying ages, from very different origins and with equally multifaceted cultural backgrounds, work together at HOERBIGER every day. We value this diversity. It goes without saying for us.

We make the company’s success the responsibility of the people of HOERBIGER. We are successful because we believe in our success. We want to work with people who enjoy performance and success as much as we do.

We are proud of our results. Because of this, our enthusiasm for everyday work is almost effortless.

What makes me really proud? Our employees. They are the top performers of HOERBIGER.

Dr. Martin Komischke
President of the Board of Directors