Aggregates for industrial brakes

Smooth braking for heavy weights

  • Safe and easy operation with soft braking function
  • Non-leaking poppet valve
  • Integrated manual pump for emergency operation

Wind farms, harbor cranes or conveyor belts – it takes more than normal brakes to stop such heavy machinery. Hydraulic industrial brakes do the job.

In this very specialized market, HOERBIGER solutions have been successful for years. Active industrial brakes allow smooth and progressive deceleration of the movement and drift-free maintenance of the selected position. Active and passive industrial brakes hold the moving parts of industrial equipment in defined retaining positions without drift.

HOERBIGER is an expert for hydraulic power units employed in industrial brakes. The hydraulic drive is a compact unit consisting of a motor, pump and tank. A proportional pressure control valve as well as hydraulic accumulator provide a continuously variable, and thus smooth, braking process of active industrial brakes. A poppet valve guarantees full functionality of the power units, even in the event of a loss of power.

Technical data

Energy consumption up to 3 kW
Operating pressure <85 to 205 bar
Shut-off pressure 95 to 190 bar
Volume rate 9 to 20 l/min
Valve voltage 24DC, 115 AC and 230 AC