Tilting Equipment for Moving Trash

Absolute Synchronization

  • Shifting, closing and damping in the smallest space
  • Synchronized
  • Safe and compact

Commercial vehicles used for moving trash have very complex technology. The tilting equipment for dumping trash is technologically a particularly sensitive system. The lifting and unloading of trash containers of varying sizes requires absolute synchronization of the lifting arms, yet also pivot arms that can be independently operated.

All of this is accomplished by the hydraulic tilting equipment of the garbage collection vehicle. Depending on the operating situation, it can lift and tip either a large container or – simultaneously or independently – two small containers. In some systems, the tilting equipment operates what is known as the curtain, which prevents dust from escaping when the containers are unloaded.

HOERBIGER produces the valves that provide exact control of the tilting equipment. To ensure synchronization during lifting and tipping of large containers, these valves must be manufactured very precisely and may have only minimal parameter deviations.

Technical Data

Pressure up to 180 bar
Flow Rate up to 60 l/min