Paper Moistening

Metered steam application …

  • Pressure precision and stability
  • Low energy consumption
  • Two-wire technology with open circuit detection

Steam plays an important role in the production of paper. It is used to control sheet moistness and increase the pulp temperature as well as to improve and control the sheen and smoothness of the paper.

In order to regulate the supply of steam, HOERBIGER has developed a solution based on piezo-controlled proportional three-way pressure valves. The electrical signals used for control are transferred by the process management system to three-way pressure valves. In a second control stage, using compressed air, they control the steam control valves.

Technical data

Pressure range 0 to 8 (10) bar
Volume rate Up to 350 l/min or 1,600 l/min
Energy consumption 400 or 800 mW