Piezo-Pneumatic Control Valves

  • "Hydraulics that have an electric Look and Feel."

ATEX-certified control valves

  • Intrinsically safe and certified for use in explosion-protected environments
  • High reliability due to robust design
  • Compatible with standard actuation units

In the decentralized automation in fields prone to explosions, intrinsically safe piezo control valves from HOERBIGER are far ahead of solenoid-operated valves. They offer not only optimal Ex protection, but also allow hot swaps and can therefore be replaced during ongoing operations.

HOERBIGER piezo technology forms the basis for this unique selling proposition. Their low electrical power demand makes the intrinsically safe, ATEX-certified piezo-pneumatic control valves an excellent choice for gas, dust and Ex applications. In addition, they are distinguished by a long service life.

Given their compact dimensions, our control valves can be integrated in a wide variety of applications. We also offer numerous options in the selection of the electrical interfaces.

Technical data

Type of function from to
S9 3-port/2-way 5-port/3-way
S29 (Namur connection diagram) 3-port/2-way 5-port/2-way
Inlet pressure 2.5 bar 8 bar
Temperature range -25°C (-13ºF) +60°C (140ºF)