• "Hydraulics that have an electric Look and Feel."

Energy-efficient control

  • All pneumatic functions in one compact functional unit
  • Lower energy and internal air consumption
  • Expanded diagnostic and failsafe functions for intrinsically safe positioners

The automation of industrial valves requires smart positioners with an increasing array of diagnostic functions. Because of the use of up to eight microprocessors, electrical power consumption is becoming a critical variable, especially in the explosion protection field of applications.

Here, the piezo-pneumatic pressure regulator modules from HOERBIGER are setting new standards. With their unmatched high energy efficiency, they open up new development prospects to manufacturers of positioners.

Piezo technology allows for very fast and precise positioning. Combined with pneumatic valve technology, it provides a particularly energy-efficient interface to the electric controller of the positioner. Given its intrinsically safe design, it offers maximum protection in environments prone to explosions, such as the process industry.

In the steady state, the positioner modules require neither compressed air nor power and make a considerable contribution to lowering the operating costs.

Technical data

Type of function
Single-acting |3-port/3-way valve
Dual-acting|5-port/3-way valve
from to
Supply pressure 1.5 bar 7 bar
Electrical power demand 2 x 28.8 10-6 J