Hydraulic Actuators for Marine Valves

  • "Hydraulics that have an electric Look and Feel."
  • Simple and reliable, purely electrical installation
  • Compact hydraulic actuator in self-contained functional unit
  • High reliability due to piping-free design

Balance and draft are decisive conditions for the efficient use of freighters. With its compact hydraulic drives for marine valves, HOERBIGER makes a significant contribution to the economical transport of goods on ocean-going vessels.

The electrohydraulic compact power packs developed by HOERBIGER can be flange-mounted directly to the actuator of the valve. The enclosed compact unit, which meets IP 68 standards, consists of an electric motor, hydraulic pump and tank. It is installed only by the electrical interface. The system requires no hydraulic lines whatsoever.

Electrohydraulic compact power packs of varying sizes are used to actuate the valves. They all have a compact design. The hydraulic compact power pack is fastened directly to each individual valve, including all electrical and hydraulic components. The power units are controlled electrically, while the actuation of the valves, which requires high forces, is done hydraulically. The pump integrated in the HOERBIGER power unit generates the necessary hydraulic pressure.

Manufacturers of liquid management systems in ocean-going vessels–ballast water, bilge water, drinking water and fuel–value the benefits of the HOERBIGER compact power packs. The compact design and reducing the HOERBIGER compact power packs to only an electrical interface allow for easy and cost-saving installation. As a result, the miles of maintenance-intensive hydraulic installations encountered with traditional oil hydraulics can be eliminated.

Technical data

(from) (to)
Operating voltage 12 VDC 480 VAC
Operating pressure 10 bar 210 bar
Output 0.24 l/min 0.52 l/min