Explosion Relief Valves

HOERBIGER Safety Solutions

Flameless Venting

Reliable Explosion Protection without Plant Downtime

  • Reliable flameless pressure relief
  • No direct shut-down of the system
  • Extremely short response time
  • Immediate closure after release of positive pressure
  • Virtually maintenance-free and operational for many years

Explosions can occur in containers, silos or conveyor systems–in short, wherever particulate media is generated, processed, transported or stored. Operators in this market attach great importance to the reliable protection of their staff and equipment. HOERBIGER relief valves offer unrivaled, efficient explosion protection in this market segment. The compact and vacuum-resistant HOERBIGER relief valves of the EVN2.0 type series are an enhancement of the EVN valve type, which has been successfully applied for decades. They are certified according to the latest ATEX guideline EN 16009 (Flameless explosion venting devices).

Because of the low-mass valve plate and low response pressure, HOERBIGER relief valves react within fractions of a second in the event of an explosion. Thanks to the integrated flame arrester, they ensure flameless pressure relief. Following an explosion, they immediately seal again, lowering the risk of secondary explosions. Because many an explosion would otherwise remain unnoticed, a standard opening detection function notifies the operator of such incidents. The newly unveiled EV type series is a cost-effective alternative to the EVN 2.0 valves. They provide equally reliable explosion protection and offer the known benefits of compact and vacuum-resistant construction. Greater efficiency and considerably decreased flame propagation as compared to conventional pressure relief systems are crucial advantages of the HOERBIGER EV type series, which is certified according to EN 14797 (Explosion venting devices).

Continued operation without interruption

HOERBIGER relief valves are the only pressure relief devices in the world designed for multiple explosions. Depressurization does not necessitate any repair work, and the system can immediately continue its operation.

The valves are virtually maintenance-free and offer reliable explosion pressure relief–for many years.

Technical data

Type -
EVN2.0 266 to 735 mm
EV 266 to 735 mm
Geometric venting cross-section
EVN2.0 499 to 3905 cm2
EV 499 to 3905 cm2