GTI Bi-Fuel® Systems for Diesel Engines

Natural gas and diesel

For clean diesel engine operation

  • Minimum installation effort without engine modifications
  • Low operating costs
  • Reduced emissions

Altronic, a HOERBIGER brand, manufactures the GTI Bi-Fuel® system, which uses innovative, patented technologies to allow industrial diesel engines to be operated safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively on a mixture of diesel fuel and natural gas or other methane-based fuels. Up to 70 percent of the diesel fuel requirement can be replaced by natural gas. The advantages include lower pollutant emissions and reduced fuel costs.

The GTI Bi-Fuel® system combines natural gas and air in the intake system of the engine. This mixture is then fed into the combustion chamber by the intake pipe and ignited as soon as a small quantity of diesel fuel, now functioning as an ignition source, is injected into the combustion chamber. Since the GTI Bi-Fuel® system uses existing air inlet and diesel injection systems, no modifications to the engine are required for installation. Engine performance is unaffected.

Altronic offers the GTI Bi-Fuel® system as a standard kit for engines with an output of up to 3000 kilowatts.

Technical data

Engine type Two- and four-stroke diesel engines Inline or V-engines
Speed All rated speeds of stationary engines within the specified output range
Nominal output 75 kW – 3000 kW
System components * Air-fuel mixer * Gas power valve * Gas train * Control panel