Air/Fuel Ratio Controls

Efficient air/fuel ratio controllers

  • Significant increase in efficiency
  • Improved reliability
  • Lower emissions

The EPC controllers developed by Altronic are the latest air/fuel ratio controllers in HOERBIGER’s portfolio. They improve the efficiency and reliability of gas-powered engines while reducing emissions.

Altronic air/fuel ratio controllers are suitable for most carbureted engines running on natural gas. The product spectrum includes systems for stoichiometric applications using a catalytic converter (EPC-110/120 and EPC-100E), a model for carbureted lean-burn engines (EPC-150), as well as a product for low-horsepower carbureted engines (EPC-50).

Altronic EPC controls are equipped with the latest microprocessor technology, allowing sophisticated control strategies and the greatest range of application-specific customization. They operate based on closed control loops using exhaust-mounted oxygen sensors, which measure the oxygen content and regulate emissions to a specific setpoint. The precise control of the fuel supply relies on stepper motor valves.

All EPC controllers feature an alphanumeric LCD display which constantly provides operating personnel with critical operating data without relying on hand-held equipment or a PC. To facilitate integration into monitoring and control systems, Altronic EPC controllers support the ModBus RTU communications protocol. Each EPC control system includes a PC-based monitoring and control software package.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has certified the entire EPC controller family for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D hazard zones.

Technical data

Operating voltage 24 VDC
Power consumption 1 - 3 amperes