Annunciators and Safety Shutdown Systems

DE-3000: The best annunciator in the world

  • Up to 60 configurable inputs, 20 digital outputs and 4 analog PID outputs
  • WindowsTM-based programming via USB interface
  • Support of ModBus-RTU communications

When it comes to the development of digital annunciators and safety shutdown systems, Altronic is one of the global trendsetters: the first systems were patented as early as 1977. The portfolio of premium digital instrumentation has been continually expanded ever since. It currently includes digital single- and multi-point temperature measuring instruments, scanners, pyrometers, pressure measuring instruments, pressure monitoring systems, tachometers, overspeed protection instruments, and operating time indicators.

The latest generation of digital annunciators includes the configurable DE-3000 safety shutdown and control system. It was developed based on state-of-the-art microcontrollers and surface-mount PCB assembly technology for compressors and other rotating equipment.

The DE-3000 system is fully scaleable and incorporates an intelligent add-on circuit board system. Even in its base configuration, the DE-3000 features a number of digital and analog outputs, as well as 30 inputs that can be individually configured for use with switch contacts, thermocouples or analog transducers. The system can be equipped, as needed, with up to 60 configurable inputs, 20 digital outputs, and four user-adjustable, analog PID outputs. This concept allows a single system to be used across several machine units, considerably simplifying both service and maintenance as well as training of the operating staff.

Given its easy installation and configuration, the DE-3000 clearly sets itself apart from PLC control systems available from the competition. The system is programmed via a USB interface using an intuitive WindowsTM-based terminal program. ModBus-RTU communications are fully supported for remote monitoring and/or control applications.