Solenoid Driver Modules

Flexible interface for up to 20 injection valves

  • Individual injection control for precombustion and main combustion chambers
  • Calibration and operation of multiple SDM units via one terminal
  • Tailoring of parameters to customer requirements

The Solenoid Driver Module (SDM) is an intelligent hardware output stage for controlling up to 20 solenoid injection valves in large-volume stationary industrial gas-operated engines. It can also be used for engine speed governing.

The Solenoid Driver Module was designed for retrofits as well as for the demanding OEM gas engine market. The SDM allows separate control of the fuel quantity and injection time for each cylinder – for example for prechamber injection in conjunction with the Electronic Pre-Chamber Check valve ePCC, or intake port injection using HOERBIGER PFI valves.

Technical data

Programmable current profiles 2 electrically isolated RS485 interfaces
Programmable boost voltage RS 232 interface
Function for cylinder deactivation Network connection
Short-circuit protection for all outputs 2 isolated 4-20 mA inputs
Input and output diagnosis 1 digital I/O
High-speed CAN interface Rotational speed input
CSA Class 1 Div-2 groups C and D certified -30 to +80 degrees Celsius (-22 to +176 degrees Fahrenheit) operating temperature