ActuCOM - Throttle Valve Actuator

ActuCOM: Dynamic drive system for throttle valves

  • Extremely fast drive system with minimal closing time
  • Integrated diagnostic functions
  • Compact design

ActuCOM, an actuator developed by HOERBIGER for driving throttle valves of large gas-powered industrial engines, operates considerably faster than actuators previously available for moving the throttle valve. This important development for manufacturers and operators of gas engines is the result of HOERBIGER’s commitment to mechatronics products and solutions.

Today’s requirements of gas engine manufacturers and operators are marked by short response times and minimal closure times. Solutions that satisfy these demands offer advantages beyond the regular operation of gas engines. Short response times are also necessary to comply with future statutory safety stipulations for the emergency shut-down of the engine.

In addition to its dynamics, strong points of the HOERBIGER ActuCOM system include integrated diagnostic functions as well as the option to customize the system’s configuration.

Technical data

Steady-state torque 14 Nm
Dynamic torque 25 Nm
Closing time 0°-90° < 80ms
Dimensions HxWxD ~ 180x180x150 (mm) (7x7x6 inches)