PFI Valves

Short response times and maximum availability

  • Extremely short response times and precise controllability
  • Large flow areas
  • High availability and durability

Solenoid injection valves are required for all technologies that necessitate extremely reliable control of gases, for both fuel cell drives and industrial gas-operated engines.

The PFI (Ported Fuel Injection) valve made by HOERBIGER offers a technical solution that stands out because of its short response times and high reliability, even when operated with dry and corrosive gases.

HOERBIGER PFI valves allow extremely precise control of the gas volume – even at a high gas pressure differential. The valves are installed upstream of the intake valve. Using electronic fuel injection, the gas is injected directly in the intake manifold HOERBIGER PFI valves are suitable both for original equipment gas-operated engines and as replacements of mechanical injection as part of retrofits. In industrial engines for EFC (electronic fuel control) applications, they can be used in addition to the mechanical injection system.

Technical data

Pressure range up to 10 bar
Flow cross-section Up to 1,000 mm2 (1.55 sq inc)
Gas supply From above or lateral
Min. opening duration 2 ms
Leakage < 0.2 percent
Power supply 24 volt
Gas filter Integrated
Certification CSA, ATEX zone 2