ePCC – Electronic Pre-Chamber Check Valves

Precision and reliability

  • Precise control of the air-fuel mixture in the pre-combustion chamber
  • High efficiency for all load ranges
  • Easy installation directly on the pre-chamber

Precise control of the pre-chamber air-fuel ratio can significantly improve combustion stability and the reliability of industrial gas-powered engines.

With the Electronic Pre-Chamber Check (ePCC) Valve, HOERBIGER underscores its position as a leading manufacturer of gas engine valves. Unlike conventional systems equipped with mechanical check valves, the ePCC allows control of the entire injection process. By precisely controlling the time and volume of the gas, independently of the gas admission pressure, hydrocarbon emissions are lowered, satisfying even stringent environmental standards.

In addition to optimized combustion efficiency and emission behavior, the system also offers maintenance-related advantages: HOERBIGER warrants 24 months of operation without the need for valve cleaning or replacement.

Technical data

Pressure range < 10 bar
Flow cross-section 1 -7 mm2 (0.001 – 0.01 sq in)
Diameter 25 mm (0.98 inch)
Gas supply application-dependent
Min. opening duration 1 ms
Power supply 24 volt
Max. combustion pressure < 250 bar