Hyper Balance III

Exact balancing and monitoring of gas-powered engines

  • Continuous cylinder pressure measurement
  • Ignition detection with alarm in the event of detonation and misfires
  • Ion sense measurement for stable combustion characteristics and cylinder-specific control

Cylinder balancing and protection from misfires play a decisive role in the performance capability and reliability of industrial gas-powered engines.

HOERBIGER is a market leader when it comes to digital ignition systems for stationary gas engines. Based on ion sense measurement, a technology patented by HOERBIGER used to balance cylinders and improve combustion characteristics, we offer innovative systems for balancing of the cylinders and continuous monitoring.

One example is the HyperBalance III system. By measuring the cylinder pressure and detecting the ionic current in real time, it acquires combustion development data in each cylinder. In the event of misfires, the HyperBalance III system can trigger automatic alarms and shutdowns, contributing considerably to the protection of the machine and the entire plant.

Technical data

Analog inputs Up to 48 configurable input channels, selectable 4-10 mA or 0-5 volts
Digital outputs Contacts for alarms and shutdowns based on peak pressure, location of peak pressure, and standard variance
Balancing method Standard peak pressure, pressure ratio, and ions for manual, automatic and scheduled balancing